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Zinc is an essential mineral for maintaining good eye and brain health.

This mineral also helps promote healthy skin, hair, nails and bones; plus assists with sex and growth hormone activity. Zinc supports and activates important biochemical reactions in the body, most of them happening in the brain. That means your brain health, such as memory, focus, mood, and your senses depend on zinc. 

It is also used for boosting the immune system, treating the common cold and recurrent ear infections, and preventing lower respiratory infections. Our zinc is glycinate chelate, which allows the body to more easily break it down and yield elemental zinc.

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Medical professionals have recommended the use of Zinc supplements to people who suffer from various eye diseases including Macular Degeneration, night blindness and cataracts. The combination of taking our supplement Vision Smart Supreme with Zinc provides an even more powerful synergistic effect that can help protect eyes from increasingly common issues associated with use of computers, smart devices, UV light and unhealthy lifestyles. 
Researchers believe Zinc is critical to healthy eye and vision function because high levels of the mineral are found in the macula (part of the retina). Here Zinc enables Vitamin A to create the pigment melanin which protects the eye. Evidence suggests that Zinc supplementation can actually help people see better at night. 
In a benchmark study, called the "Age-Related Eye Disease Study" (AREDS) and funded by the Federal government's National Eye Institute, researchers found treatment with Zinc and antioxidant rich extracts (like blackcurrant anthocyanins found in Vision Smart Supreme) was able to help people who suffer from AMD. In fact, those taking this particular combination of supplements (Vision Smart Supreme plus Zinz) had the risk of vision loss  reduced by 25%.


Flu, Cold and Asthma 

Zinc is also commonly recommended to help  boost the immune system. Supporting the treatment of the common cold, asthma and recurrent ear infections plus, it can help prevent lower respiratory infections. The highly potent phytochemicals found in blackcurrant (which include anthocyanins and other polyphenols) have been successfully shown to be effective against respiratory infections such as flu, cold and asthma. This is why blackcurrant extracts are so popular for use in widely marketed to consumers as supplements and functional foods around the world. 
Vision Smart Supreme contains the highest levels of active phytochemical components, when taken together with new Zinc picolinate these supplements deliver amazing immune boosting effects! Combined they help strengthen the immune system, protect against cold and flu, fight infection and assist with asthma. 


Brain Health, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and Anti-aging 

The brain requires Zinc for many aspects of regular maintenance and function.  In particular Zinc plays a key role in the correct formation of proteins in the brain. Researchers have been excited by experimental results that have shown powerful brain health effects with Zinc supplementation. Interestingly, these same proteins have been the subject of other research works that have identified 'protective' qualities for flavonoids (such as those found in Blackcurrant extracts) in preserving protein structure. Supplementation with Zinc and Blackcurrant extracts can therefore have a 'dual action' effect to support healthy brain function whereby zinc promotes the correct formation of proteins and blackcurrant flavonoids preserve them. 
As we age (in addition to poor diets and unhealthy lifestyle), our bodies natural ability to prevent damage from free radicals decreases. Free radicals and are known not only to cause significant cell damage but also impair correct brain signaling, enzyme production and clearance of waste. this can lead to an accumulation of damaged proteins, such as beta amyloid, which aggregate together. The resulting increase in oxidative stress and associated effects are key problems associated with age related cognitive decline in general and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's' and Parkinson's. Fortunately, the anti-oxidant power of blackcurrant anthocyanins and Zinc have been clinically shown to reduce oxidative damage from free radicals. 

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