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Eco Biota
Eco Biota
Eco Biota
Eco Biota
Eco Biota
Eco Biota
Eco Biota
Eco Biota

Eco Biota

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We are sorry for the delay of Eco Biota in presenting it back to you earlier, but Eco Biota will be back very soon in the end of July 2024

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Eco Biota’s clinically formulated daily synbiotic combines the power of advanced probiotics and prebiotics. 

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that can help to balance the gut microbiota, good for daily weight management and anti-metabolic syndrome. Probiotics are particularly effective when delivered together with prebiotics, a source of nutrition that stimulates growth of healthy bacteria in the gut.


Probiotics developed by Morinaga in Japan, company with over 120 years of history making the world's top probiotics.

  • Good for weight management, subcutaneous and visceral fat loss.
  • Advanced support for anti-metabolic syndrome and leaky gut.
  • Helps protect against diabetes and colon cancer.
  • Strengthens gut immune system.
  • Guaranteed for purity, freshness and labeled potency.

Recommended to take for 3 months to get maximum results. 

Quality Commitment by Certificate of Analysis

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Why Eco Biota?

Eco Biota combines advanced probiotics and prebiotics and is a smarter way to balance your digestive health when compared to taking probiotics only. Probiotics are live bacteria and prebiotics is the food for the bacteria, and is needed for probiotics to work effectively. This dual action greatly enhances the performance of our product including health benefits when compared to other products on the market. 

Eco Biota health benefits:


Why Morinaga bifidobacteria and lactobacillus gasseri from Japan?

Lactobacillus convert carbohydrates into lactic acid. Lactic acid has the capability of destroying disease causing bacteria and pathogens. Bifidobacteria produce acetic acid, a substance that suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria. Acetic acid produced by bifidobacteria can speed up the contractions of the stomach that push pathogens out of the body system via stool. Many probiotics on the market use strains of animal origin, but Morinaga uses strains of human origin since the human body will respond best to bacteria naturally suited to the human intestine. Morinaga strains are also more stable leading to a longer survival rate and therefore longer shelf life under various storage conditions. This means when consumers purchase less stable probiotic supplements, there may be no living bacteria left in the supplements by the time consumers reach the end of their supply. Morinaga bacteria demonstrate long-term stability due to their over 100 year history in research and innovation, producing the world's top probiotics and bacteria strains. 


Good for weight loss and anti-metabolic syndrome effects

Eco Biota’s strain of the probiotic bifidobacterium B3X has beneficial actions for weight loss and has been researched in human studies. Metabolic syndrome and obesity usually cause a combination of high blood lipids, prediabetes, and hypertension. These are considered to be risk factors for heart attack and stroke. In animal experiments, B3X suppresses weight gain and body fat accumulation as well as lowers blood glucose and total cholesterol levels (Morinaga, 2013). Subsequently, similar benefits have been shown in human subjects with moderately high body-mass index (BMI) who consumed a food containing B3X (Minami, 2015).

 Bifidobacterium B-3 effect on metabolic syndrome:


Bifidobacterium B-3 effect on obesity and weight loss:


Good for satiety plus subcutaneous and viceral fat loss

Eco Biota enhances satiety and regular bowel movement, relieves constipation, and promotes weight loss, thus preventing obesity. 

Subcutaneous and viceral fat loss of 3 pounds in 11 weeks = running a full 42km (26 miles) marathon 3.6x!


Reduces inflammation and other risk factors such as leaky gut syndrome

Eco Biota helps with reducing symptoms caused by intestinal bowel disease (IBS), playing a significant role in keeping pathogens and toxins from entering body. It further lowers risk factors of cardiovascular diseases and helps protect against colon cancer.


Good for optimal skin, beauty and strong immune system

Eco Biota works in harmony with the intestine to produce hormones and serotonins that send signals to the brain, positively influencing skin, desire to eat, stress levels and overall immune health. Studies have shown that it may help prevent accelerated aging of skin from short-term UV exposure and it improved transepidermal water loss, skin hydration, and epidermal thickening. 

Bifidobacterium BB536 for supporting the immune system of elderly during cold and flu season:


Improves mental focus and agility

Brain functions such as concentration and good sleep are influenced by intestinal health, as neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin are produced by intestinal bacteria. When bad bacteria dominate, the digestive function weakens and the risk of lifestyle diseases such as obesity and diabetes increases. Harmful substances start entering the bloodstream (leaky gut syndrome), eventually affecting the brain. Our advanced formula helps with bringing your digestive ecosystem back in balance, leading to a healthier brain.

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