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Beauty Sparkle
Beauty Sparkle
Beauty Sparkle
Beauty Sparkle
Beauty Sparkle
Beauty Sparkle
Beauty Sparkle
Beauty Sparkle
Beauty Sparkle

Beauty Sparkle

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For Slow Aging and Keeping Skin Younger And More Beautiful

Beauty Sparkle is a proprietary blend of unique ingredients combined in an HGH stimulating formula that not only greatly improve quality and length of life, but also reverse the aging process. Our most exclusive product, it contains the highest quality and ultra premium ingredients blend.

  • Ultra-enhanced nutraceutical drink (50ml) formulated and safely produced on the novel theory of beauty nutrition based on anti-glycation and anti-free radicals
  • Skin longevity nutraceutical supplement formulated with the safest and most potent quality active ingredients

13 of the World's Finest Clinically Active Ingredients Scientifically Formulated to Support:

1. Reduce glycation and formation of Advanced Glycation Endpoints (A.G.E.) that can damage the body

2. Incredible antioxidant strengths to fight the dangerous effects of free radicalsAmazing Power of Anti-Oxidation and Anti-Glycation of Beauty Sparkle

3. Reduce inflammation and complications associated with unhealthy lifestyles

4. Protect against harmful environmental factors like UV sunlight and pollution

5. Longevity gene activation - SIRT1

6. Natural Human Growth Hormone (HGH) enhancer

7. Boosting cellular revitalization and energy (activating mitochondria, the body's natural power factory)

8. Supports calm, elastic and supple skin while protecting against damage, dark spots and promoting whitening

9. Adipose tissue burning and appetite suppressing effects for effective weight control

10. Supporting brain focus and alertness

11. Natural energy booster


    In present studies, various methods of examining antioxidant capacities of cassis anthocyanins, grape seed extract, mangostine, CoenzymeQ10, Alpha Lipoic Acid, resveratrol and other natural materials, including DPPH radical scavenging assay, TEAC assay, FRAP assay, ORAC assay, HRSA assay, and SRSA assay, have been used. The results of this study provide supporting evidence that components used to formulate Beauty Sparkle exhibit amazingly potent antioxidant activity by scavenging all free radicals.

    These results are consistent with those obtained by Brunswick Laboratories, indicating that Beauty Sparkle acts mostly as hydroxyl and superoxide radical scavenger powers.

    Several biochemical mechanisms of antiglycation reaction that can delay or prevent the glycation process have been proposed.  Especially, antiglycation strategies are involved in scavenging of free radicals at the early stages of glycation. It is well established that superoxide anions are generated from early glycation products.

    It is considered that those components formulated in Beauty Sparkle may inhibit AGE formation by its ROS scavenging capacity on hydroxyl and superoxide radicals.

    Active ingredients contained in Beauty Sparkle™ are extensively studied by in-vitro, in-vivo, clinical testing, and Beauty Sparkle™ is scientifically formulated to increase bioavailability in human body.

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